5 Tips to Organize Your Blogging Day

Do you feel overwhelmed by your blogging day?
You are likely terribly disorganized.
Being disorganized cuts the legs from your blogging campaign. Nobody can build a steady blogging income if they have no plan or if they haphazardly plow through their blogging duties mindlessly.
I noticed a serious shift in my blogging direction when I went from horribly disorganized dolt to orderly, efficient, effective, productive, blogging dynamo. I write 2 to 5 guest posts daily. I comment on a handful of top blogs every day too. Toss in running blog consulting businesses as well as promoting my 126 eBooks aggressively and I have no other option than being super organized to get all this stuff done and to enjoy my offline life of circling the globe.
If you are tired of feeling out of whack and crave the feeling of operating like an organized blogging machine follow these 5 tips.

1: Prioritize

Build your day around income producing activities.
Grow your email list. Create value (see below). Make connections (see below).
My day: write guest posts, write blog comments after reading posts and learning from posts, engage folks on social, and twice a week I publish posts on Blogging From Paradise. A few simple things done daily. I prioritize so I organize.

2: Create

Create helpful content. By focusing on creating you build a library of helpful content through:
  • blog posts
  • guest posts
  • videos
  • podcasts
Example; create at least one piece of content today. Help people. Solve problems related to your niche. Form the habit of creating to organize yourself because creating is one fundamental of successful blogging. If you create value you become valuable in the eyes of readers.

3: Connect

Connect with successful bloggers through:
  • blog commenting
  • promoting successful bloggers on social media
  • featuring successful bloggers on your blog
Interview a fellow blogger. Publish a helpful, thorough, in-depth comment on a popular blog from your niche. Tweet the post. These simple actions help you to form strong connections with seasoned pro bloggers but each also helps you to organize your day around the core fundamental of building your blogger friend network.
Disorganized bloggers sprint like chickens with their heads cut off, chasing numbers. Organized bloggers build meaningful friendships with successful bloggers. This expands your reach and promotes your success because having friends in high places expands both of your reaches quickly.

4: Rest

One secret of my success: resting for 8 to 10 hours daily. When I feel rested I proceed in an organized, focused, calm and confident fashion. When I ignore my rule I invariably become disorganized and my day slowly falls into a chaotic, hurried state.
I advise you stay in bed for 10 hours a day to be super duper organized. Even if you don’t sleep for the full 10 hours at least you get rest and pull back from your blogging duties.
This tip is especially critical if you work a full time job and do blogging part time.
Burn out eats up poorly rested bloggers. Disorganization quickly follows. But if you rest amply every single day you feel refreshed, recharged and organized, ready to attack your day.

5: Leverage by Using Tools

Use tools to organize your blogging day by:
  • saving time
  • saving energy
  • reaching a large number of people with minimal actions
Investing in premium tools or using freebies helps you with your efficiency and effectiveness, improving your organization.

Your Turn

What tips can you add to this list?

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