Email Subscriptions with Feedburner

Members of your blog can receive notifications, and outside people can follow your blog through RSS feeds. But you can also add a subscription form to your blog’s sidebar, using Feedburner.
To do it follow the instructions below:
Go to and login, using your Google account;
Type your blog’s feed address in the form (e.g. and hit Next;
Feedburner will verify your feed address. At this point, feedburner will ask you to give your feed its title and address.
By default, the feed title will be your blog’s title (e.g. BloggingTricks).
The feedburner address will be your feed’s address for feedburner.
Right now, you have a feed address that is something like
The feedburner address will be something like
Tip: If your theme has some kind of built-in social icons or if you’re using the SYNDICATION widget in your blog, you can use this address and use it instead of the default feed address (
Once you define this, hit the Next button again.
On the next step, hit the option Skip directly to feed management.
At this stage you’ll get tons of options to manage your feed. However, for this case you should go toPublicize → Email Subscriptions.
The service will be inactive by default so hit the ACTIVATE button;
You’ll then see a page with a code you’ll be able to copy for your widget, but first you must select a language for your subscription box;
Once you define this, you can go back to your blog’s dashboard.
Go to Appearance → Widgets and add the Subscribe Form widget to your blog’s sidebar or widgetized footer.
In the Feedburner Feed Address field enter only your feedname (e.g. modernistdemo), as it is defined on Feedburner.
Configure the remaining options (title, description, background color, text color), setting your preferences.

That’s it! Now you’ll have a form in your blog for people to enter their email addresses and receive regular updates.

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