SEO Tricks and Tips for Google SERPS

Before starting this I would like to mention the aim of Google in providing search results to people – the aim is ” SEARCH SHOULD END ” . The meaning of this phrase is that when a person searches for some information and if he is still not satisfied even after visiting first 20 pages or searching with many different combination of searches, then that will result in the failure of Google. So for this google introduced an algorithmic change in its search which is called ” GOOGLE PANDA” .

Note : Panda is named after a Google employee not Kungfu Panda ;)
Right from 2011 January Google kept on tweaking the algo in order to combat the content farms. What ever it is Google is now worried about only and only one thing and that is ” USER EXPERIENCE”

So what I want to say finally is google tweaks in 2012 and the panda updates can be predicted based on this concept. Also this can help us in being safe in getting effected by panda. Here are those user experience based SEO TIPS AND TRICKS that every website owner should concentrate.

SEO Trick # 1 – Unique and Informative CONTENT

Make sure you add unique and more importantly informative and attractive content. Google has changed a lot recently because previously if you wanted to rank for some keywords you should have good back links and authority. Now I can see sites with awesome, unique and well researched content are ranking very high even with low authority.
Freshness is also important, that means updating the content is very very essential. So if you have articles that are major traffic getting ones then you should regularly update them with recent information.

SEO Trick # 2 – Google plus influence

Google + is going to play a major role this year and already the influence of that is clearly visible. Google is doing to control spam and also improve user reliability by exposing the authors Google plus profiles.
So right away start branding your website with your google plus profile and the extra advantage for this is that the visibility of your site in search results will be more.
check this link for this to happen :) 

SEO Trick # 3 – Too many ads will kill your site

Yes, as the basic rule of Google is to make sure user is comfortable in getting information with out unnecessary disturbances through too many pop ups and ads. So sites with too many ads may get effected especially download site which contains too many ads are surely going to get effected. This is said by google employee @matt cutts himself to me in webmasters google hangout.

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