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As a website owner, you want to increase the website traffic, as it’s the intention of anyone. To done this typically, the easiest method is increasing the rank of your site in SERPs. As you know in these days, it has become a tough task to rank your site to first page of search engine result pages. As it being said, one placement dropped may be caused to lose thousands of dollars. There are many search engines like Yahoo, Baidu, Yandex, Bing and blog search engines such as Technoroti out there. But as we know, the king of web Google is the major search engine used by billions of people all over the world every day.  More than 60% of searches is based on Google search engines. So if you want more traffic from search engines like Google, you have to make your site SEO friendly, have to follow their guideline to rank your website higher.

In a previous SEO article, I explained you how to submit your website to search engines, some tips about search engine submission. If you didn’t reach out that post, I suggest you to read that article, not only to submit site to Google, also for other slow-crawling search engines which can send huge traffic to your website and blog.  All the blogs and websites should have to follow Google’s guidelines to receive decent traffic from their searches. So you have to identify all updates roll out by Google. Google page rank, Google Panda & Penguin and also Hummingbird update are the main factors which decide the ranking of a website in Google.
There are a few tools given by Google for webmasters to make sites more user-friendly. Google Search Console is one of every SEO must use tools. There are many reasons why you should use Google Search Console efficiently.  Here are some,
  • Increase website traffic: Literally Google rule the web. Every update made by them directly matter to Internet Marketing and even offline marketing.
  • Get noticed what you should do for your site to make it more user and search engine friendly. Google inform you whenever there is any error on your site. ex: a Malware problem.
  • Control search engine listings: – Yes, you can remove any of URLs from Google SERP that you think it shouldn’t be appeared and also devote site-links.
  • Check which keywords that drive traffic to your site: – Recently, Google stopped showing thetop keywords that generate more traffic to your website by displaying (Not provided). Once you connected your Google Analytics account with Google Search Console, you can analyze these majorkeywords and keyword phrases through your Google Analytics dashboard.
  • And Much More…
As you noticed, to get the best from Google you must verify your site ownership with Google Search Console. In other words, you must submit your website to Google database. So if you’re thinking “How do I submit my site to Google”, this short SEO tutorial will be helpful, Keep in mind, every authority website and blog make use of Google Search Console to improve their search engine rankings. So don’t underestimate its value and the usefulness and most importantly, it is one of the best FREE SEO tools you can find on the Internet today.
Verify website ownership with Google Search Console: Step-by-Step Guide on How to Add website to Google search Index
OK, let me tell you something here. You have to create a Google account in order to submit your site to Google. One Google account handles all services like Google Docs, Gmail and also Blogger. So if you want to submit your Blogspot blog to Google Search Console, then you can use the same Google account which hosts your blogs. By doing this, you don’t have to verify your new blogs which are created on the same account.
Step #1: Go to “Google webmasters” website and click on the “Sign in to Webmaster Tools” button.
Sign in to Google Webmaster Tools
Step #2: Once you landed to Google Search Console page, you will see the “ADD A SITE” button on the page. Click on it.
Step #3: Then you will see a pop up box, where you have to enter the URL of your website. After typing the URL, click on the “Continue” button.
add a site - Google webmaster tools
Step #4: Now you added your site to Google Search Console and the most important thing to do now is that verify your website ownership. One of recommended methods is upload a file to your website hosting server. If you’re going to add your hosted website like Blogspot or Tumblr blog to Google, then you have to use an alternative method.
Site verifying methods : Alternative
Among those methods, you can use any of methods to verify your website. If you are using first alternative method, “HTML tag”, you just need to place the script only on your homepage above of <head> HTML tag. You can do this easily, by adding the snippet to your blog theme.
Step #5: The last step, click on “Verify” button. If all are done correctly, you should see a success message.

What to do Next

After verifying your website ownership with Google Search Console, you have to add a sitemap. By adding a sitemap, Google can find the content architecture of your website. That way Googlebot will crawl your website more efficiently. Below are a few articles on adding a site map to Google webmaster tools.
That’s it, now you verified your site on Google. Once you have verified your websites and weblogs, you can manage those by logging to webmaster tools account. In the beginning you will not see the traffic reports, ranking status. But after a few days, you should see all of those stats on the webmaster tools dashboard and also you can find out which keywords drive most of traffic for your blog and which keywords fail. So you can optimize those keywords in your blog posts and increase the search engine rank position.
Don’t stop by verifying your website with Google Search Console. Here are other major webmaster tools which you would use to increase your organic traffic.
 In this short tutorial, I explained you how to submit your website to Google and verify your ownership easily within just a few minutes. You can find more tutorials under Search engine optimization on Pro Blog Tricks by using the search box. Also, I will be sharing more tutorials related to SEO in my future posts. So to keep updated, make sure you have subscribed to our email newsletter. If you haven’t, please take a few seconds to become a member of the Pro Blog Tricks community.
I would like to hear your valuable thoughts about verifying website ownership with Google Search Console. If you have anything to ask, suggest or complain, please use the comment form below.


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